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30 Ball Bingo Rules

30 ball bingo is the latest addition in the world of online bingo and is also the faster bingo variant. There are not much to say about the 30 ball bingo rules because it is very simple to know how to play.

You play on a 3x3 bingo card and there is a maximum of 30 numbers called. The columns are not identified by any labels or specific colors but with only 9 squares you can easily find your numbers and mark them.

The fact that there are only 30 numbers makes for more games per hour. That is the reason why that variant is also known as "Speed Bingo". So the big advantage of this game is that when you don't have time to play a long 75 or 90 ball bingo game, you can play 30 ball bingo instead.

But you don't have a lot of patterns because there are only 9 squares. Usually you will play for a "Full House" (Coverall) or for "Any Line". Finally, as for any other types of bingo, there are progressive jackpots available.

Bingo Playground Screenshot
A screenshot of a 30 ball bingo game

Sorry we do not promote any bingo sites with 30 ball games at the moment.

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